Manor Guest House is now closed.

Pippa & Peter would like to thank all of their guests over the last 6 years who have stayed and, in many case,  made "The Manor" their second home. We have been pleased to have met so many nice people and especially those that have returned frequently, or regularly for special events or those that have stayed and returned whenever they have been in the Worthing area.

Whenever we have been full or otherwise unable to offer accommodation to guests we have recommended Mertonhouse, especially for those wanting to be  in the Broadwater area. We are very pleased to be able to continue to do this by linking our web site to theirs.

For those wanting  to be closer to the seafront or who perhaps do not require an en-suite room then we can also recommend  Camelot House on Gannon Road.

We would like to offer our past clients our very best wishes and  and hope that they and new visitors to the area enjoy their stay in Worthing.

Peter & Pippa




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